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Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. Become a hero, build your own Hide-Out and start by saving your neighbourhood. Level up your skills, collect incredibly weird superhero gadgets, and join a superhero team to save the world! Recent Reviews:. All Reviews:. Playata GmbH. European Games Group AG.


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Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Hero Zero Genre: Share Embed. Free To Play. Play Game. Recent updates View all 6 5 February Patch notes The following changes were deployed today The Sports Bar increases the experience point rewards you get from missions. This issue has been fixed. Preview Our delevopers continue working on new, cool rooms for your Hero Hideout.

The next room is already scheduled to be released with the upcoming update. We'rell give you a small preview with the following screenshot: Best, Your Hero Zero team. Preview Our busy work rob Our Graphic Designers were busy at the drawing board as well, which enables us to give you a little visual preview of one of the upcoming rooms. Can you guess what this room could be? Create your own superhero character in a funny, exciting and fascinating universe with hundreds of villains, criminals and bosses.

Fight and stop crime in different parts of the world to become the most powerful and celebrated superhero in the universe. Only you can bring justice and peace back to the world. Unlock hilariously powerful gadgets and upgrades for your hero to equip him for epic battles and challenging single player missions.

Build your own Hide-Out as a secret base, which will be placed under your house in Humpreydale. Upgrade and modify your shelter in order to get better rewards and increase efficiency. Compete with other players to find out who build the best Superhero Hide-Out. Join or create a team with your friends and build your own headquarters to fight more efficiently against all evil villains, criminals and bosses. Compete with other players and teams in exciting and cool multiplayer fights. Nobody can stop you from climbing the leaderboard on your challenging mission to become the most successful superhero in the world.

More than 26 million players! Regular free updates and new content Free to play! Create and customize your own hero Build up your own superhero team! Challenge other heroes in PvP and team battles Funny and fascinating storyline Easy to learn gameplay Appealing Graphics Real time villain events with thousands of players Start your epic and funny adventure now for free! The user shall be prohibited from any action causing excessive data volumes traffic or affecting the course of the game.

In particular, it shall be prohibited to use automated or semi-automated scripts that perform database queries or put game mechanisms into operation. Likewise, any manipulations of the data stored on the server shall be prohibited. Clause 8 Virtual Domiciliary Right 1.

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Playata GmbH reserves the right to make unrestricted use of this virtual domiciliary right in case of need. In this case, the user shall not be entitled to be reimbursed for a payment he or she has already made. Likewise, the user shall not be entitled to receive compensation of any other nature.

Prior to initiating the above mentioned measures, Playata GmbH will, insofar as is reasonable, inform the user in order to clarify or remedy the violation. Informing the user is not reasonable, for example, if it could lead to the occurrence of a damage to Playata GmbH, European Games Group AG or to third parties. If a user is blocked, he or she shall not be permitted to use Hero Zero by means of another game character. All copyrights, rights of use and other intellectual property rights relating to Hero Zero, the applications and the service offers rest with Playata GmbH or are protected in favor of third parties.

The user shall be allowed to use the contents made available to him or her only within the scope of the service offers. With respect to applications, the user merely receives a simple, non-transferable right which must neither be transferred nor sub-licensed and is limited in terms of time to the duration of this contract, to install and use the applications on his or her own devices enabled for the installation of applications from the relevant app store.

The user shall delete the applications prior to any alienation of such devices as well as at the end of the contract. The user shall be permitted to place a link on the Internet pages operated by Playata GmbH to the extent that it exclusively serves as a cross-reference. However, Playata GmbH reserves the right to revoke this permission. Consequently, the placing of inline or frame links shall have to be considered as illegal use.

The same applies to name rights and other labeling rights. Any use outside the service offers, especially in commercial transactions, shall be prohibited without explicit written approval.

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This particularly applies to any merchandising articles. Playata GmbH expressly points out the following: If a user offers his account or parts of it on the Internet for sale against payment, this represents an infringing act under copyright law and, if applicable, under labeling law to be prosecuted at the user's expense, besides being a violation of the essential obligations under these GTC.

Clause 10 Duration of the Contract and Termination 1. The user contract is concluded in accordance with the conclusion of contract mechanisms described in Clause 2 between Playata GmbH and the user for an undefined period. As a result of the termination, all information saved on the user's account, which is relevant to data protection legislation, shall be deleted or, to the extent that legal provisions require their retention, blocked and deleted only at the end of the retention period.

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This is the user's e-mail address, among other things. To the extent that such information is still contained in regular backup files, a manual solution would mean disproportionate efforts. In such cases, the information will be deleted as soon as the backup is overwritten. Playata GmbH can terminate the contractual relation at any time with a two-week period of notice without giving reasons.

The right to termination without notice for important grounds remains unaffected. Playata GmbH shall be especially, but without limitation, entitled to termination without notice for important grounds in the cases mentioned in Clause 11 Paragraph 1. Notice of termination by Playata GmbH has to be given in text form e-mail or message system within the Hero Zero game is sufficient.

Playata GmbH makes the applications and the possibility of using the game and the service offers available free of charge and is therefore only liable for willful intent and gross negligence in accordance with the legal provisions. Playata GmbH shall not be liable for unauthorized access, awareness, dissemination or abuse of personal data, exchanged through service offers, by third parties e.

Likewise, Playata GmbH shall not be liable for information posted by users or for contents on linked web pages of third parties. Clause 12 Paragraph 1. Playata GmbH shall not be liable for data loss high score, acquired items etc. Liability for data loss in general is limited to the typical restoration costs which would have been incurred in connection with the usual creation of backup copies by the user. Playata GmbH gives no guarantee whatsoever that the functions of the service offers, including the use of features, are free of technical errors or that the service offers are available at all times.

In the event of violations of rights of third parties, particularly of intellectual property rights e. The details result from the data protection provisions that can be viewed, saved and printed out under this link at any time in their version currently in force. Clause 14 Final Provisions 1. Regulations or General Terms and Conditions of the user which deviate from these GTC shall only be applicable if Playata GmbH previously approves their applicability in writing. Such information shall include the new version of the GTC and the future date of entry into force.

Any modification shall be preceded by a notification that is sent six weeks ahead sufficient if sent by e-mail or message system. The user can contradict the modified GTC. If the user does not contradict such modification within six 6 weeks after receipt of the notification, the modifications shall be deemed to have been recognized by the user In the above mentioned notification, Playata GmbH informs the user expressly about his or her right of objection, the objection period and the consequences of an objection that has not been filed.

This modification mechanism shall only apply if Playata GmbH has a justified interest in the modifications for example adaptation to amended laws or new legislation and in no case to a modification of the parties' major obligations. If this provision or another provision of these GTC are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by mutual agreement between the contracting parties by a provision that comes as close as possible to the intended economic meaning and purpose of the invalid provision in a legally enforceable manner.

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The aforementioned provision shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event of loopholes. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply, with the exclusion of the law of conflicts. The contract language is English. If the user has no place of general jurisdiction in Germany or if he or she moves his or her residence abroad after having concluded the contract or if his or her residence is not known at the point in time when the action is filed, Munich shall be the place of jurisdiction for all disputes.

Consumers can use this platform to resolve disputes. However, Playata GmbH is neither obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer mediation entity. Last updated: Important note: For the acquisition of fee-based additional contents particularly virtual currencies the following Special Conditions of European Games Group AG shall apply. Scope of Application 1. These Contract Terms shall not apply to the use of the game as such. The use of the game requires a separate contract with the respective operator of the game, which is concluded in the course of the download or registration for the game.

European Games Group AG shall not responsible for failures, errors, unavailability or shortcomings of the game. Deviating conditions on the part of the user shall not be recognized, unless European Games Group AG expressly agrees to their validity in writing.

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  6. In such cases, European Games Group AG shall become the contractual partner of the user only to the extent provided by the conditions of the respective store or network. To the extent that European Games Group AG becomes the contractual partner of the user, the acquisition of payable services in app stores, from Google Play or social networks shall nevertheless be primarily governed by the conditions of the social network, the Google Play store or the app store used for this purpose; in other words, the acquisition process shall depend in any case on the conditions of the respective network or store, and other conditions of the network or store shall have priority over these Contract Terms, unless they expressly give priority to the conditions of the provider on their part or allow deviating conditions of the supplier.

    Subject Matter of the Contract 2. European Games Group AG therefore does not transfer the ownership of the items to the user, but merely a simple, non-transferable right of use limited to the duration of the user contract with the operator, which the user receives when the virtual items are credited to his or her account. Furthermore, the user can use up the virtual items in the game. As long as the user account is blocked or the user is excluded from utilization, European Games Group AG shall have a right to withhold performance.

    The right to use shall end when the user has used up the virtual items in the game, however, at the latest when the user contract between the user and the operator of the game ends. Exchanging virtual items against real money shall be prohibited. This also applies to virtual items won by the user during the use of the game. The exchange or trade in virtual items shall be excluded. Paragraph 6. The virtual items are intended for entertainment purposes.

    Offer and Conclusion of Contract 3. This shall apply accordingly if virtual items are acquired via social networks. Prices, Payment, Payment Methods 4. The fees for the acquisition of the virtual items shall be payable in advance by the user as soon as the chosen payment service provider has sent the final order confirmation. Payments shall be made by choosing a certain payment system e. PayPal, credit card, premium SMS through the respective payment service provider.

    The user is aware of the fact that a separate contract between him or her and the respective payment service provider regarding the realization of the transaction will regularly take effect in accordance with the provisions of the respective payment service provider. The user shall not be entitled to demand that European Games Group AG offers or maintains certain payment systems. The fees will be collected in accordance with the choice of the user. If a so-called social game, Google Play store or app store is availed of, payment is generally only possible with the payment system provided by the corresponding social network, Google Play store or app store.

    The obligation of the user to pay the agreed fee remains unaffected hereof. The revocation period is fourteen days and commences on the day on which the contract is concluded. You can use the enclosed sample revocation form for this purpose, which is not mandatory, however. To comply with the period of revocation, it is sufficient if the communication concerning the exercise of the right of revocation is sent prior to the expiry of the revocation period. For this refund, we will use the same method of payment that you used for the original transaction, unless we explicitly agreed on something else with you; in no case would we charge you with any fees for this refund.

    End of the revocation instruction 5. Further development, Quality Owing to the continuous further development of the game, European Games Group AG reserves the right to offer new virtual items at any time, to modify the type, volume and content of the virtual items or not to offer them any longer. The quantity of virtual game currency which must be used in the game for certain other items may change at any time. Virtual items can also be offered by the operator at no cost. Therefore, the user shall not be entitled to claim the maintenance of a certain offer structure.

    A change in the quality of items acquired against payment is no longer possible after the acquisition.

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    Liability, Compensation for Damage 7. Exceptions to this provision are claims for damages on the part of the user arising from injury to life, body or health or from the breach of essential contractual duties cardinal duties , as well as liability for damages resulting from an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of European Games Group AG, its legal representatives or vicarious agents.

    Essential contractual duties are those duties the fulfillment of which is necessary to attain the objective of the contract. The user can only exercise a right of retention if his or her counterclaim is based on the same legal relationship. Copyright and Property Rights 9. The user undertakes to recognize and observe the copyrights. Any use of the virtual items outside the game, particularly in the course of trade, shall be prohibited.

    Furthermore, the user shall not be entitled to make the virtual items available to third parties. The user shall not be permitted to remove copyright notices e. European Games Group AG shall not be responsible for an examination and evaluation of these offers or websites and shall not assume any guarantee for the offers of such companies or persons or the contents on their websites.

    European Games Group AG shall not assume any responsibility or liability for acts, products and contents of such other companies. The user shall be informed if another company is involved in the business transaction. The operator of the game is always such another company. The user should thoroughly read his GTC and privacy statement. Paragraph 7.

    Any claim on the part of the user to have the prize paid out in cash shall be excluded, unless such claim a expressly results from these Contract Terms or b has been offered as a reward by European Games Group AG. The user shall have to set forth and prove that he or she has not contravened these reasons for exclusion.

    The user recognizes this imposition of the burden of proof even if the latter does not comply with the statutory rules. Until the investigation is completed, European Games Group AG has a contractual retention right to the prize entitlement; thus, European Games Group AG can refuse to transfer the prize. Contracts concluded prior to an amendment continue to be subject to the Contract Terms effective at the time when the contract was concluded, unless otherwise agreed. However, European Games Group AG is neither obliged nor willing to participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer mediation entity.