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Press on a thumbnail or icon to select that app; it will then expand to fill the screen. Swipe up on a thumbnail to close the app. You can swipe up on any thumbnail, not just the one in the center of the screen. And that's a quick look at how to switch between and close apps in iOS 7. We wish there were greater multitasking capabilities, a la Samsung's TouchWiz interface, but this is a nice incremental improvement in iOS 7. Agree with Ronn.

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There should be a way to close all apps at once. The swipe motion is for the birds; much preferred to tap as in iOS6. GREAT help for me. After Google searching on how to close apps that you don't want running in the background, this was the first site to easily explain it right. Thanks for keeping it simple! I was getting frustrated. In iOS 7, I can't trace now what an email address is used in a Contact with few e-addreses I receive a message from. In iOS 6 you could click on the contact name in the mail browser and the contact's details open with highlighted e-address used.

Hope Apple will fix it in the next iOS patch! Would it be so diffifcult for Apple to include some hints when they change functions? If they had added a text like "Swipe up to close app. Nvm on my orientation screen rotation question. It just started working out of the blue. Go figure.

As for swiping up to close apps, that's iPad only. On the iPhone, you still have to double tap the home but which also works on iPad btw. This was a key feature discussed in the keynote speech when ios 7 was first unveiled and has been the wat to close apps since ios 7 was released. I have a very first iphone 4 and unfortunately have updated FW upto iOS 7. Applications do not fully terminate even if I swipe them off from the termination panel. Skype and several other apps go on showing push-messages. Rebooting doesn't help. Is it a bug or a feature? Internet is great mostly when geting infos.

So i ask myself if i am a idiot or all the happyfeedback writers. Mostly the majority is right.

iPhone X How to Close Apps and Open Recent Apps

Exeptions like 3 tes Reich with Nazis are exeptions only right? Double-click the Home button to bring up the multitasking view. Swipe up the screenshot of the app you want to exit. The app will fly off the screen, and release its resources to the OS. I was upset for a few hours till I read your article. Thank you! Slide the app upward. Yeah its more like select and slide rather than swipe Ah - it's obvious now: Thank god, you saved my life! This doesn't seem to work in OS7 for my iPad mini? So many new things. Double-tap the Home button.

Screenshots of all of your currently running apps will be displayed in a row.

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If your Assistive Touch is activated, tap the circle icon on your screen and then double-tap your home button. Find the app you want to close.

Swipe left or right to see all of the apps that are currently running on your iPhone. Swipe the app you want to close upward. This will automatically close the program. You can repeat this for all of the apps you want to close.

How to force an app to close on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

You can tap and hold up to three apps at once, and then slide them all up at the same time. This will close all of them at once. Return to your Home screen. Once you are done closing apps, press the Home button once to return to the Home screen.

Force close an app

Method 4. The icons for all of your active apps will appear in a row at the bottom of the screen. Swipe the row of app icons left and right to find the app you want to close. There may be many apps on the list. Press and hold the app you want to close. After a few moments, the app icons in the row will begin shaking, much like they would if you were reorganizing the apps on your Home screen.

Press the "-" button on the icon to close the application. The app will be removed from the list of apps. You can repeat this process for any other apps you want to close, or return to your Home screen by tapping the Home button.